This game was inspired by my Fiancee who was at the time obsessed with Candy Crush, and also loves Poker.

I knocked the original version of the game together in a couple of evenings using ImpactJS and some fairly rudimentary artwork done in GIMP.

The original vision of the game was a traditional tile-matcher, where you’d try to match poker hands, this just didn’t work, as any set of 5 cards is a valid poker hand, so had to exclude shorter hands, and that just didn’t work. The solution was to make it more Boggle like, and allow the player to trace any congruous set of 5 tiles to make a hand. Again, originally, this was only in 4 directions, but in the end, it worked far better with 8.

I dropped the game on the 'net on some basic hosting, and set it loose on the net - and got the attention of an ex-collegue who does some amazing artwork, who offered to give me some assets with some images like this: