The very early builds in Unity were built mainly by dropping the logic code into Unity, breaking them out of the giant data structures that JS prefers, and into Unity’s GameObject paradigm. Eventually I found there are some edge-case scenarios where UnityScript wasn’t good enough. That was fine it gave me the chance to play with Boo.

Thankfully, because I wasn’t able to use much of the functionality of ImpactJS, my logic wasn’t overly tied to the engine, and worked almost immediately out of the box. The game pieced together reasonably rapidly, and in a few months, I had the version that is now available on the Play Store, and I released my project to the world.

The sad realizations started to set in. Things you don’t think about. The concept seemed unique to me - it seemed certain to be worth playing to at least some people, but how do you get found, there are quite literally thousands of generic match-3 games, and nearly as many poker games, Poker Kingdoms just sat in the play store getting no attention, because it was uniquely similar. I still haven’t found the solution to this yet - and it’s a huge drawback; I need people to play so that I can collect metrics, and develop the other parts of the game beyond the MVP that it sits at now.

The Play Store compounded that mistake, it’s not designed for discovery.

There was also a lack of planning; Poker Kingdoms was a hasty port from javascript, and unityscript, and I was kind of feeling my way around Unity as I built it. Architecturally, it was nightmare, simple things like adding another player made the game break in amazing ways and bringing it back to a working state required an extreme effort. The quest, and tutorial features I wanted to make were going to be worse.

Finally, Boo was a mistake, there is almost zero community support, so every example I had to translate from c#, and most plugins use c# and it’s non-trivial to use multiple script types in Unity (although it is possible - ask me how). The nail in that coffin came when it was announced that Boo was deprecated in Unity 5.

The project stagnated.